Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Week-long Celebration Started Today

Anna has been having an extended birthday this year......it started 1 week early when we celebrated with Grandma and Grandaddy :) And then Monday, Memorial Day, Uncle Scott and Miss Beatriz came for the evening to have dinner and give some gifts.....

It's always funny to see which gifts the kids are drawn to. Uncle Scott brought a hat and Dance Pad for Anna and a Rocket Launcher for Christopher. Hmm... inside the kids liked stepping on the Dance Pad but I think with three sets of feet, the Pad was a little confused... or maybe we were:) But as soon as we were outside the Rocket Launcher became the HIT....we all had fun with it:)

And while we were outside we had friends/neighbors drop by with some more gifts for the kids.... this just is one example of how blessed we are in this community.... everyone is soo sweet and gracious to us AND our kids!!!

Ohhh, and before I forget this milestone, Anna received her first Barbie:) Already!!! Anyway, she's been calling the Barbie Mama Mirabelle which is just soo funny because Mama Mirabelle is a fictional elephant on a kids National Geographic cartoon.

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