Saturday, May 10, 2008

Time-Out Mischief

While Brian and I tried to practice the music that we'd be singing for service in the morning, Christopher was whining, so he was put into time-out. Either on his way to time-out or given to him in time-out (by Lydia).... he acquired a marker in which he found plenty of use for while in time-out to pass the time away.....I was about floored when I found this.......

But I questioned whether I had taught him NOT to write on the I had some mercy on him and made him scrub most of the marker off with a washcloth and water. And then he had to sit by me while I cleaned the rest of the marker my delight ALL of the marker is off and without any hints of the incident. (YAY!!) And he was given a very stern warning....NEVER to write on the walls again with the consequences clearly laid out for him.

Something else....totally unrelated that was funny. This morning after riding his bike for at least 30 minutes straight, Christopher got off his bike and played for a minute. When it was time to clean up he decided to carry his red tricycle to the garage instead of just riding it. I asked him why he didn't just ride it because he was struggling a little to carry it. He quickly answered back to me matter-of-factly, "I can't ride, I have a stinky." And BOY did he!!!

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