Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Late Night Snacking

The kids got some lollipops from our post office man the other day.... I hadn't given them the chance to eat them yet. But of course my kids are soo silly:)

Christopher devoured his lollipop..... he was soo excited to finally get it. He is my SWEET tooth.... he'll eat almost anything that is sweet!!! Unfortunately he takes after me.... I'll eat something I really am indifferent to just because I want something sweet.....

My girls are totally different (like their Daddy)..... they won't eat something unless they really like it, whether it is sweet or not. Anna has not finished cookies because she wants more plain pasta.....

Anyway, so the kids were starting to enjoy their lollipops and Daddy came into the kitchen and popped popcorn...... the girls literally dropped their lollipops on the (newly scrubbed) kitchen floor in order to get some popcorn (air-popped, no seasoning)!!!!!

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