Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We have a Froglet and Some Work to Do

We looked into our "pond" and were surprised by one of the tadpoles....he had front and hind legs....we had a couple with hind legs but this little guys already had his front ones:)

I am soo tickled that my kids actually enjoy watching the tadpoles. Although I don't encourage them doing this, Lydia and Christopher will actually stick their hands in the little "pond" and catch the tadpoles. I am constantly lifeguarding at the tadpole pool:)

Here's a better picture of the coloring of the little froglet:)But underneath the dish you can see how grimy the water in the "pond" has gotten. And I just read on my tadpole cheat sheet that I need to keep the water clean....looks like I'll be heading to the river soon:)

BTW... anyone close-by want to "babysit" the tadpoles....they're transportable:)

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