Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lydia, Our Lydia

Our little Lydia is a piece of work.... I'm not sure if I've mentioned this one the blog before... but we're not sure if she is busyer than Christopher and Anna or if it's just that we have her along with two others. I thought Christopher was a climber.... Lydia truly keeps up with Christopher and Anna. And I know I've had to get her off the kitchen table a LOT more than I had to for Christopher!

My sister commented yesterday how quickly Lydia usually obeys us. And she does "usually" obey pretty quickly (she has her stubborn moments as well). But she is the youngest and she has two very good teachers :) They show her how to obey, how not-to-obey and what happens when you don't obey!

Here is a sweet picture of Lydia in Anna's bed "reading" Anna's Bible. Of course she had climbed up into the bed herself, it was the first time I had seen her do it!

Lydia is also our snuggliest baby.... she just LOVES to snuggle!! Lately though we've seen a stronger attachment to her blanket. She wants to take it out of her bed in the morning and snuggle a few extra minutes when she first wakes up:) It's sweet. This morning she slept late, when I finally went to check on her at 8:50am she was laying awake in her bed rubbing the satin ribbon on her blanket... taking her time to wake up!

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Drea said...

awe lil lydia. she is a witty lil thing :-) and oh so cute!