Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our Canning Project

A little man with dish pan hands and a dirty little face from baking some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies before we started the canning job:)

All three of got to work on the strawberries.....Christopher washed, I cut off the tops and Anna tried to mash. We did a couple of cups like that and then they were finished:)

Yay, for strawberries:)

Here's the "finished" project. They sealed fine but they haven't set (firmed up yet). So for now I made a good looking batch of strawberry syrup :( Brian was a little excited about having something yummy to put over pancakes.....


Drea said...

love the pic of christopher. see if i tried this with caleb he'd get a dab of jam on him and flip out. :-) maybe if he saw ur kids get dirty he'd get over it.

Vader's Mom said...

Those strawberries would have never made it into the jar in this house. I would have eaten them all!!