Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Traveling with Pollywogs

So for those who are wondering how the tadpoles are fairing, I'll update you......

Before we left, I let the kids "catch" 5 of the 30 left!!! And then we released the rest and the froggie into a church member's pond on Saturday afternoon. I had one friend tell me that if all our tadpoles turned into frogs, we'd have one of the great plagues at our house...hmmm??..... no thanks :)

With the five we decided to keep, we made them a temporary home in a bug catcher and carried them to Grandma's house. This afternoon I was able to clean their water and boil some fresh lettuce for them:)

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Grammie said...

How funny-taking tadpoles on vacation!! Hey why not? That way they'll see the whole process instead of coming home to "frogs". They look like they're surviving well. You guys are great tadpole raisers!!