Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ode to a Froglet

The tadpoles did very well at Grandma's...... they swam in the bug catcher, ate lettuce and dirtied up the water (enough to change it twice while we were away). As we were cleaning them up on Friday morning (as you see they needed some new water), we noticed that two had gotten their front legs..... the kids and I were soo excited that we were gong to have two more frogs:)

One the way home I was reminded that I should give the froglets something to rest on since I know that their lungs start working soon after the front legs start coming in.......

Anyway, sick kids, getting home at 8pm with dinner to eat, unpacking, and everything else, I totally forgot about adding in a stick or something. Ohhh sad, the little guys were goners when I when to transfer them into their little tadpole/froggie Tupperware bin.
Ode to An Expiring Frog, by Charles Dickens (from "The Pickwick Papers"):

Can I view thee panting, lying
On thy stomach, without sighing;
Can I unmoved see they dying
On a log,
Expiring frog!

Say, have fiends in shape of boys,
With wild hallo, and brutal noise,
Hunted thee from marshy joys,
With a dog,
Expiring frog!

And so we started with 70 tadpoles and now were down to three.... of course a lot were given away and about 20+ and a froggie were released!!! It's been fun :) And we still have three to continue to watch and care for!

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Drea said...

our 1 tadpole is still alive in the sandbox w/ very green water. its gross. lol