Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why I Fold My Laundry at Night!!!

Lydia decided she needed to use some of my folded laundry today:) I thought this was too cute not to video and blog... of course ;)

The beginning of the video is the cutest and funniest part, but I left the rest because I was pretty surprised with how long she stayed busy with the dishcloths. At one point she looks like she is trying to fold the dishcloth and put it back in the pile;)

NO boogies were really used in the filming of this video. And no dishcloths were soiled, either:)

***BTW... did you hear the Sesame Street in the background?? The kids had turned it on while I was on the phone and I just left it, it gave me a chance to fold laundry, right?

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