Friday, May 16, 2008

Not a Vomit Mom.....

Well we had a great day yesterday...we went to a mall, shopped some,played at the indoor playground, had lunch and then went home for rest:) We actually wanted to go to the beach but decided that we'd be stuck in too much traffic on the way back home..... so we home and rested.(Brian worked.) We did take the kids to a local park before dinner, so that was nice. A very relaxing day:)

The kids went to bed normal....actually they went to bed quickly with no fussing....they were exhausted :)

But this morning at 5:30am we woke to Christopher vomiting....yuck! I'm NOT a vomit Mom...I can handle poop, food, dirt and scratches......but I always get nauseous when I'm with the kids when they are sick. Anyway, Brian was up late and so I tried to handle the situation until Grandma and Grandaddy got up....but I got up feeling pretty nauseous as well.

IT's 8:15am, Christopher has thrown up 4 times, had the fullest diaper of diarrhea I've EVER seen, taken a bath and is in his third outfit.....busy morning:)

I think we'll be heading home today....we wanted to stay and go to the opening of Prince Caspian tonight:) But I think I'd rather have one sick on the way home versus 2 or 3, or one of us parents.
Some pictures from yesterday...............

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Vader's Mom said...

I hope everyone is feeling ok today!!