Thursday, March 26, 2009

While Daddy is Away...

Mommy will....

not cook

Actually it was Anna's idea on Tuesday night to make dinner for all the kids.She told me that I needed to "take a break and go exercise". LOL!! So she got to work making Christopher, Lydia and herself jelly sandwiches to go with their bologna:) She had a blast being big enough to "fix dinner for everyone"!!

I did not give the kids bologna all week... but I did NOT turn on the oven (just the toaster oven for chicken nuggets)! The kids did talk me into making pancakes so I did do a little cooking... it was nice to break from cooking for a bit!

and watch "whole" movies :)
So I did watch a movie or two... the whole movie in ONE night...LOL. Brian Loves movies MORE than I do, but he'll watch 30 or so minutes at a time. When it's a war, sci-fi, historical movie that is fine with me (small doses...hehee).

But when it's a great drama or love story... oh, it's painful to not watch it all the way through. Although I do enjoy being able to watch a good movie longer. And it's fun to chat about how the movie will unfold as we put the kids to bed (they already know we watch movies at night...LOL)

So what did I enjoy watching enough to keep me up??? I watched an Indie Romance called Bella. While I obviously don't agree with the situations people found themselves in, I found the movie to be very clean!! Super clean for PG-13... I really don't remember ANY cursing, no sexual scenes, no malicious killing, and the characters were all sweet... except for "the villian", of course, but he was family:) I totally recommend it... and might "force" Brian to watch it as well. Gotta LOVE Netflix and their Watch Instantly titles;)

and stay up too LATE!!
Yes, I have been staying up late. I don't like being the only adult in the house.... so I stay up until I'm exhausted!!

Regardless of all the FUN Mommy had, it is nice to have Daddy home!! After 4 days of being home alone with the kids I'm ready for some backup:)

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Autumn said...

My Pastor actually used a few scenes from Bella in a sermon he did. Remarkable.