Monday, March 30, 2009

Company is Gone:(

We had a FULL house this weekend... the five of us with Grandma, Grandaddy, Uncle Scott and Aunt Bea. While we enjoy having family visit, the house is super busy and loud!! The kids love having the extra attention and are that much sillier and louder!!

We had plenty of fun playing outside and watching the kids get muddy. I had Grandma and Daddy help to clean up the kids... one of the benefits of having more people is more help:) Even in the kitchen, while we cook bigger meals, it's nice to have 3 ladies and our husbands helping when we ask!!

The house is "quiet" again. The kids slept in until 7:30am this moring... so nice!! They must have been exhausted too from all the weekend fun! The laundry is getting washed, folded and put away. And the floors are cleaned from all the wet grass we all dragged in (it was a wet weekend... no trampoline... sad, we wanted to show everyone their tricks).

As usual, I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to. There is just AWAYS something to do when we have company:) We did get a lot done though... we got Gran-grandma's 100th birthday book completed! We did a light Harris Teeter run Friday night.... I think with Grandma and my orders we saved close to $67+ !!

Sunday after church we went outside to get a picture of the kids with Grandma and Grandaddy!! Here's the best one:)

Thank you to Grandma, Grandaddy, Uncle Scott and Aunt Bea for coming to see us. We enjoyed our visit with you! We hope to see you soon!


Drea said...

That is a great picture of all them, they should get that printed :-)
better yet if they like it let me get it printed thru whcc... it will look way better than walmart :)

Aunt Bea said...

Thanks for having us!, we had a great time with all of you. I also went to HT today and saved $70!!! couldn't find Palmolive soap (it was all gone), and I went to two stores!!!. But anyway, thanks for the coupons!
We loved to spend time with the kids, tell Anna we have to do the dance next time we see each other.
Love you!