Saturday, March 14, 2009

Leap Frog Giveaway on SIMPLE!!

We love LeapFrog in this house!! We are FANS!!!

When Anna was small we purchased a LeapPad.... she was too small when we purchased it but they are still using it!! Let's just say that it is well-loved!! They LOVE the interactive games and stories.

After my friend CarolAnn told me about the LeapFrog Letter Factory video.... I was hooked. We purchased the whole set and I've learned TONS about phonics.... enough to help Anna with her reading.... it was a HUGE help since the program she was using to read leftout the phonics rules!!

Anyway, we were able to review LeapFrog's Tag Reader System through SIMPLE!! Ohhhh, it's soo great! Here is her and Caleb reading together!!
And we're hosting a giveaway of a Tag Reader until March 27th on SIMPLE!! Very cool!!

Andrea found these coupons for a TAg and books.... it's $10 off a system and $4 off a book!! And can be used at your local Walmart or other LeapFrog retailer.

There are other cool SIMPLE giveaways was well....

Have a great weekend spending time together with your family!!

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