Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Off to the Doctors will ALL 3!!!

This AM we have a well doctor's appointments for both Lydia and Christopher.... I've rescheduled it plenty to plan for Brian to come with me.... it gets busy with all three in the room with the doctor....LOL

ANyway, Brian isn't able to come with me today..... so we'll see how it goes. I've been talking it up with Lydia and Christopher BIG time. Pretending to look in their eyes, ears and mouth like the doctor would. Or having them respond politely when the doctor or nurse asks to get their weight, height or lay down on the table.....

I personally depise going to the doctor. So maybe the kids get it from me??? Anyway, this morning I'm praying for wisdom, flexibility and patience with the kids as we head to our appointment!!

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Anonymous said...

Those are my 3 big kiddos. Love, Daddy