Monday, March 16, 2009

Love on Them

Maybe I am the only one guilty of this. But it seems like when our kids are little we snuggle with them constantly. My babies were NEVER lacking in being hugged, kissed and snuggled!!!

But as they get older.... they get wiggly, busy and mouthy...LOL! Even my little Christopher has often told me, "I don't like Mommy kisses." And sure it makes me a little sad when he says it, but I know it's his way of "growing up" and that I'm someone he runs to when he is sad, scared or hurt! But snuggles and random kisses seems harder when they are older, for me.

I was listening to an online sermon today and was reminded of the verse that says God disciplines who He loves. The speaker said that disciplining our children needs to come out of our love for them. Our kids need to see that we LOVE them enough to discipline them. They need to feel LOVED!!

We've been going through a new stage with Anna. She's always been an obedient little girl, but we've noticed an "attitude" that isn't loving and sweet. Or an unjoyful heart when "helping". Anyway, it seems like there has been more heart corrections lately with her.

The sermon reminded me of the need to be sure to demonstrate LOVE to Anna. Even though she is older now and doesn't needed lots of snuggles like a baby, she still needs to feel the closeness and love of her parents! She needs to be corrected for her wrong attitudes and still needs some snuggles, she really needs to be told of the unconditional love she always has because of she is OUR daughter. Which then leads to the unconditional love that God has for her!!

And I've mentioned this resource before... but I've been soo challenged in my parenting and relating to members in my family by the Duggar House Guidelines... i know you're sick of hearing about them... but they've been soo encouraging to me!

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Mason and Terri's Mom said...

I have the opposite problem. Mason STILL comes to me and cuddles or sits in my lap and lays his head on my chest so I can read to him, Terri on the other hand we have to really try to "convince" to be snuggly.

It could just be her coming in to her own...keep doing what your doing and correct her (they all get a "tude" occasionally) but she'll always know how much you guys love her...and that shes still your little girl.