Friday, March 13, 2009

Focus Friday

Focus Friday

Yes, so it's been another week of fun...LOL!!! We visited with Grammie, Pey, Eric, Jaclyn and Carson. Then enjoyed our Thursday with little Taite-burger... some of the "extra" projects were pushed back this week!!!

As usual, I did get done ONE of the tasks.... I got the mantle looking a little more put together. I'd say MUCh better than the before, but it still needs a little tweaking:) In the process of getting the mantle together I had to re-arrange some of my other picture places. I AM NOT a DECORATOR, I wish I had some talent... so if it looks decent, I've accomplished SOMETHING!!

Here's the Before. And here's the mantle for now.

Well in order to use the family pictures for the mantle, I left other places bare.

The dresser top closest to the dinner table is usually cluttered with pictures and school stuff. I decided just to keep school stuff on the table and put the pictures on another table! Well now I have a "homeschooling" table!! Yay!!

Much easier than making a homeschooling room and it works for us right now!! Especially since we do most of our schoolwork around the dinner table:)

Here are the Tasks for THIS Week:
1. Sort through the 4T girls' clothing boxes and condense it to ONE box!
2. Always those pictures to get saved on disks
3. Make final decisions about our bedroom (curtains vs paint???)


Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Mantle looks good! I love family photos. Good luck next week!

Drea said...

looks great!

MyLinda said...

The mantle looks great! Nice to have a space dedicated to one thing (homeschool).

Good luck with your goals for this week!

Anonymous said...

Although you say you are not into decoration I think you did a good job at the mantle!