Saturday, March 7, 2009

Beautiful & Busy Saturday, Spring Forward

We spent the better part of the day in the car today traveling.... but the best part was being a part of our church's ministry to a State Ministry! And even better was seeing our friends that work for the ministry!!!

Here are our "more than serious" boys... on a mission to get dirty, find snakes and be little boys!

Here is my sweet little Lydie-bug.... just as quiet as she could be for hours entertaining herself:)
The girls! Ahava and Anna play soo well together! The girls chatted, giggled and made dresses for their dolls. It's soo funny how alike the girls are... they have almost the same length of hair, love to ride bikes, love their dolls and are totally girly !
The kids and I took Daddy to the library to collect some more resources for those "final" pages of his disseration. We had a BLAST playing outside of the library while Daddy was inside.... I'll share more pictures later, but this was my favorite!
We made MANY, MANY stops!! The kids did well in the car, resting, watching their DVDs, playing with the Tag and snacking... he hehe! We were gone from 9am- 6:30pm....

I'm ready for bed!

Oh, Don't forget, US peeps, to "spring forward" tonight!!! Does that mean we loose an hour or that the kids will sleep in an extra hour.....LOL


Drea said...

awe i love the one of them walking!

Heather said...

I love that last pic. So precious. Hmmm, lose a hour or the kids sleep longer? Good question. One of my kids still woke up at 6:45!!!! Tabitha woke up about 8:30. I guess this time change isn't going to affect them as much as I thought.

I replied to your comment on my blog. Have a great Lord's day!

devita said...

I love your children. they are all amazing!