Tuesday, March 3, 2009

At the Library in PJs

Today was reading Time at our library!!

But today was a little different because it's theme was Pajama Party. The kids were asked to wear their PJs and bring along their blankets, pillows and special sleeping toy:)

My kids LOVE sitting and listening to Miss Heather read a story to them. It was soo sweet to step back and see the kiddies enjoying the story!!

One of the other families we have gotten to know has a girl a little younger than Anna. I'm not sure why these two girls have "hit it off"... but they have! Anna was glad to see her friend at the library time:)

They were soo cute! I looked over that them and they had "traded" bears!!

On the way home (after lunch with friends and grocery shopping) I asked Anna what her favorite part of wearing PJs all day was. Her answer was, "I didn't have to do my chore chart this morning." LOL Spoken like an honest little girl!!!

**Excuse the grainy pictures:) I'm still learning how to take decent pictures inside. And witht he room soo dark I set the camera on a really high ISO which can equal grainy pictures.....grr ... gotta read the manual!


Devita said...

so cute!!! love it! love it!! love it!!

Mark and Rachel said...

I'm impressed you're talking about ISO and you know what a high one does! :)