Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nature-Made Swimming Pool

We've had a lot of rain the last few days, it's been WET! Besides riding bikes and going to town, we haven't been outside too much. So this morning with the highs in the 70's the kids had a blast in the "swimming pool made by nature"!!

Here are some of my favorite pictures:

Christopher, King of the Puddle!!! And it's a loosing battle trying to get Daddy with the squirt gun! But he always tries soo hard!!

Dirty but Beautiful Little Anna!! I was amazed at how much she was in the puddle ;)

Lydia sat out during the puddle games:) But she spent a long time riding her bike. Eventually she ventured near to try to get Daddy with the squirt gun!

We had soo much watching them in the puddle. They were soo silly as they entertained all their audience:)
Although some may think I'm CRAZY to let my kids get soo dirty... oh, man, I just think that they only get a few years to be silly and get away with playing for over an hour in a mud puddle... WHY NOT?? Cheap entertainment and funny memories!!! Especially on "bath day" when they need baths anyway!!


Mason and Terri's Mom said...

now THIS looks like our kind of fun!

you go mama!!!!!! (most moms would quiver at the thought of their pour little ones getting dirty.) You only live once and these are MEMORIES!!!

ohhh but I don't fancy your shower and the mess in there! (I've let Mason play in the mudd PLENTY the showers are the worst to clean out!) except in the summer time when you can just spray them off with the hose! :-D

Drea said...

We did the SAME THING! :-) TWICE. Travis let the boys play during coupon shopping time ;-) for an hour 1/2 solid.. and then again tonight for like 35 minutes before it started to pour.

Mark and Rachel said...

How fun! Love the pics you got of the kids. You are right, playing in the puddles/mud is on every kids to-do list. I remember spending a whole afternoon playing in our neighborhood's large drainage ditches in front of our house while mom (and aunt) were out for the day! My bro and cousins and I had great fun!