Monday, March 9, 2009

Science, Science Everywhere

On Saturday we spent some time at an university where Brian collected books! I love the brickwork and gardening of this school!!

Anyway, I spied this beautiful early spring bloom.... any enlightment about what type of bloom this is???

I thought it was a Dogwood blossom, but while it's the same colors I think the shapes isn't the same. Makes me want to keep my mother's nature books in the car- ready to be identify the next bloom:)

But it was fun to show the kids the blossom casing. They were soft and fuzzy! The kids has fun rubbing them and finding ones that the flower was just about to burst out!

Our other lesson was made possible by a brave little lizard!! Christopher got soo close to the lizard that he actually touched him!! And then the lizard went running towards Anna... of course Anna SCREAMED her head off that the lizard was almost on her toe.... he ehee hee!

You might be asking what the lesson was.... it was about CAMOUFLAGE!!! Once the lizard made it back to the bush, the kids had a hard time trying to find him. So we explained to them how the lizard blends into his surroundings!

Here is the little lizard!!! His camouflage didn't totally keep him hidden from the determined eye:) The kids has fun trying to find him, too!!
Onto Simple Machines....LOL!! Yes, Simple Machines!! PBS showed a series of Sid the Science Kid with the theme of Simple Machines.... so now that is what they want to "explore"!! A couple of years ago I picked up a Berenstein Bears Science fair book.... and what is the first section about??? Simple Machines, of course:)

They had been begging me to make a lever.... So today just by using an old 2by4 and a brick the kids and I made a lever (aka something like a see-saw). They had fun picking up one another. And then they saw that Lydia could "pick up" Anna. Then they had the idea to "pick up" Mommy using the lever.... can you believe Lydia picked me up???

I love being able to explain little things from science, nature, faith and the world to my kids. And it makes me want to know more and more so I can share more with them. But the BEST part is how much my kids LOVE learning... all day they are asking questions, trying to explore things, and trying their new skills (counting, reading, writing letters, etc).

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Anonymous said...

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