Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Couponing in the 4-Wheel Sauna

The bold is Brian's version of our conversation and the reality of couponing with the family today:)

Kelly: "Oh, Honey, why don't you come shopping with us go we can spend time together."
Ok, so we did have alot to do; triples at Harris Teeter, our regular grocery day(Walmart and sometimes Food Lion deals), university bookstore and do some returns!!! I knew having Brian with me would be a big help. I also wanted to purchase some curtains and I'd rather make BIG purchases WITH him:)

Kelly: "Ok, let me run into the store and leave you in the 4-wheel sauna with the three screaming kids so I can get some deals."
LOL. So there were a few times I was able to run into the store alone:) Thank you, Brian. It is MUCH easier to shop (nevertheless try to coupon with the kids)! Brian kept the kids entertained with videos, snacks and potty breaks:)

And we did get some great deals!! One of the best required NO coupons (although I would have gladly used some to make the deal better). I bought 10 boxes of Green Giant frozen veggies for $1 a piece (normally $2) and then recieved $4 off at the register!! So I paid $6 and saved 13.96... just on veggies! Another was the chicken and toilet tissue (with coupon) at Food Lion!!

The sauna comment was about how NICE it was outside, which usually means that the van heats up pretty quickly. Gotta love my hubby's humor:)

One hour later, Kelly: "Look at all my savings, maybe I'll be able to pay your psychaitric bill."
ha ha haaa... I seriously don't think the kids were that bad:) But being in the van with the kids for 30 minute blocks at a time (versus working in a quiet office all day) can be a little hairy! Especially when it's soo nice outside and they are itching to get out of the van and PLAY!

Let me also say that I stayed with the kids once or twice and I helped during the potty breaks:) I was NICE to have Brian with us..... we could get used to a day off for Daddy (come MAY come)!

We did have a LONG day!! We left the house a little before 8am and pulled back into the driveway about 4pm!!! Phew!!! But it's nice to have all the grocery shopping done for the week knowing I saved 119.41 for the DAY and that doesn't include simple money saving tips like buying generic, etc!

I usually hear people say they saved that much and wonder how much they spent... my total out-of-pocket was $111.80... more than I WANT to spend in a week, but there is NO way we'll be using 8+ lbs of boneless chicken, 7 pkgs of pasta, 12 double rolls of toilet paper, or 21 pkgs of frozen vegetables in one week!! LOL

As soon as my Brian started this silly rant....LOL he knew he'd be on the blog:) Anyway, I thought it was funny, especially since he was up 30 minutes earlier than normal to go couponing!!! He's a very gracious husband to change his plans for the day for couponing and family time in the van:)

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Beatriz said...

Tell me more about the chicken and toilet paper, which coupon did you used? I need to go today! :)
Tell the kids we say hi!