Monday, March 23, 2009


Have you heard of lapbooks???

From what I've gathered, they are folders that contain little books, pamphlets, collages, etc that fit together with a story or a theme that your kids make to help them remember parts of a story or theme. Theya re also helpful in reviewing themes.

A couple of weeks ago the kids and I started talking about simple machines... LOL... I know where did that come from...LOL The kids saw it on a show of Sid the Science Kid. It go them talking about levers, wedges and wheels. They have been soo engaged in this topic....

so I thought LAPBOOK....

Then I thought, what is a lapbook??? How do we even start to make one???

From Preschoolers and Peace, I came across this website FILLED with FREE lapbook resources HERE and lapbook that correspond to themes or books (organized by grade) HERE. I really like how much this website ties to Five IN a Row... so you could easily read a book all week and work on the corrsponding lapbook from HomeschoolShare and have a FiveINaRow-like study!!

WOW! Anyway, it's a place for us to get started!! And maybe soon we'll have us a lapbook on simple machines (the one topic they don't already have a lapbook design for..LOL) !! Lets just say our 1st lapbook will be pretty simple... Heheheee

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