Friday, March 20, 2009

The Surprised Onion Eater & Allergy Surprise

In different conversations I've had with other mothers of young children, I hear the same thing I struggle with. How do I balance my time teaching the older kids challenging stuff (for them) and teaching the youngest the basics?? There always seems like there is someone who has to wait for the others, or the little one is left to play Legos and just learn through osmosis.

Thank goodness, Lydia's been picking up stuff along the way. But lately I've been working with her on simple things that I'd hate NOT to do with her like I was able to do with Anna... like opposites (hot/cold, up/down,etc), colors, shapes and animal sounds.

Today as I prepared lunch, Lydia and I practiced facial expressions and basic moods (happy, sad, angry/mad, surprised). Of course when Daddy came home for lunch we had to share our new talent...

Looks like have some work to do!! But isn't she just a doll baby?? Gotta love her turtleneck put on backwards... she likes wearing it like this?

I wanted to do a quick update on Lydia's eating. She's been surprising us with some of the "new" foods she's willing to try. But she's missed out on plenty of sweet treats after supper. She still enjoying the carbs!

The funniest thing she likes to eat is cooked onions. She'll pick out the onions and chicken/beef in fajitas to eat them. She's asked for more onions!!! Today we ate enchiladas that had a strong onion flavor (at least for Daddy)! Lydia ate them right up... LOL!!

Speaking of the enchiladas..... we used a mix we've using for years. But recently the mix has been made differently. Brian noticed it immediately with the new onion presence. I checked the package AFTER lunch for the onion ingredients, but noticed that they had added CHEESE in the mix. CHEESE!!!???? WHAT!!!

Anyway, all the kids ate the enchiladas.... so we rushed around checking them. No breakouts??? So either the milk ingredients are soo small that they didn't affect the kids' milk allergies, or maybe?maybe?maybe? the kids aren't as sensitive as they used to be.

PHew!! I was soo glad they didn't react. I would hve felt HORRIBLE since i didn't check the mix. But like I said, we've used it plenty of times before. Just a quick reminder to me to ALWAYS read the label!! ALWAYS!


grandma said...

Lydia, you get cutier every day!!!

Erica said...

She is soooo CUTE!!! Oh, it makes me miss you so much. :( I haven't sent your book yet---hopefully soon. SO sorry!