Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patty's Day!

On Monday, the kids and I dove into some St Patty's Day activties. TO be honest, I really didn't know much about St. Patrick minus he was Catholic, did mission work in Ireland and ran out some snakes. We really enjoyed reading through a kiddie version biography of St Patrick. My favorite part was that it mentioned that St. Patrick taugh the Trinity using the 3 leaf clover... I mean Shamrock... LOL

So we went to work painting our clovers... opps.. I mean Shamrocks! What fun to start teaching them the three persons of God while they painted:)

And besides painting, I tossed in a little art lesson about how to make green using the primary colors... so we got to mix some paints, too!!

And you had to figure that we'd make some green soymilk. I mean I totally remember drinking green milk in kindergarten... so my kids had to at least try it:)

True to his personality, Christopher was all about drinking green milk!!! He immediately stirred in the food coloring and started drinking:)

Christopher wanted BLUE milk for lunch...ha hahaaa

And true to the girls' personalities they were a little hesitant. They had fun stirring it up and got excited when it changed colors, but it took them a little while to taste it...LOL! Lydia DOESN'T drink soymilk, but she started sipping the milk and said that she liked it... AMAZING! Anna finished her glass, but didn't want anymore....

Don't forget to wear your GREEN!

Happy St Patty's Day!!


grandma said...

This picture is aborable!!!

grandma said...

adorable sorry!