Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Return of the Gummies

For weeks Lydia has been neglecting her potty training. She doesn't remember to go potty on her own. And it's a hassel to bring her when she doesn't want to go..... so she's been wetting through them and I've been trying to keep up with the laundry.

The challenging part is that she is very, very capable to stay dry... she's had Grandaddy pull over before in order to stay dry!

In desperation this week, I pulled out the gummy worms and bears again! So when Lydia uses the potty we praise her and then after she cleans up she gets her gummies.

Believe it or not, but it's working! And with #2 also. She has some BIG messes on Monday, but last night and today she has been busy on the potty with #2s!!! YAY!! What a huge difference today, no wet or dirty pants!!!

And a even better "present" this evening. After putting the kids in bed at 9pm, I had all sorts of noise and bumping at 10pm!! Christopher came walking into the living room with an announcement.... Yes!! He too had done his business in the potty!! WOW.... it wasn't much but it was the initiative and interest he took. The fact that he got himself to the potty and that I didn't have to scrub out another pair if undies, are also great :)

So I've been thinking of bringing out a "stinky chart" and when he completes the chart we can do something fun.... I think he'd love something simple like camping in his tent in the living room one night!! Sounds like fun to me:)

Here's a cute free printable potty chart that I got from another blogger friend.

Better run... got another one sitting on the potty!! Anyway, lets hope this is the beginning of the end of potty training at our house:)

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