Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm Doing Fine, MOM... even getting in a playdate!

Andrea is in Panama this week with her oldest, Caleb!! Travis and Taite have been holding down the fort while they were away!! This is a message for Andrea from Taite-Burger:

Hey Mommy! I'm doing fine! I miss you guys, but Daddy has been playing a lot with me. And he brought me to Miss Kelly's like he promised he would for some playtime with Lydia, Christopher and Anna.

I was a little sad Daddy left me... but not for long:)

Anna, Christopher and Lydia have been playing with me!! Everytime I turn around one of them is trying to help me or share a toy! We've had a fun day.

We jumped on the trampoline, took a ride to the PO in the wagon (while munching on some snack), did some swinging, ate lunch, read books and now I'm FINALLY sleeping in Anna's bed...

Lydia and I were having sooo much fun during naptime. Miss kelly had to put Lydia in a different room because we played for over an hour and she knew we'd be grumpy without good naps! But I'm finally sleeping; preparing for some more playtime when I wake up!

See you soon!!!

Love, Taite


Drea said...

awe.... so good to see his smiling face.
almost brought me to tears tho!! i dont need to be down in the internet cafe crying haha, i look like a nut as it is weraing this head wrap thing! :)

Kate said...

Awwww! What a nice friend you are to watch Taite and do such a FUN post for Drea (and everyone else!) to see!!