Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not too Bad... considering

There ended up being more against us than planned, but the kids and I hung in there (literally,too)!

Anyway, I was sooo thankful that I left earlier enough to make a trip to Harris Teeter. I picked up some deals, a cheap 60 cent bag of snacks and some water (since I had left their sippy cups full on the counter at the house).

We got into the back within a resonable time. Just enought time to get all the paperwork done (those evaluations)! And the kids did their height and weight... well Lydia wouldn't stay on the scale, so I weighed in first (grrr) and then I held her!! The kids got to the exam room stripped to their undies and we waited.... and waited...

We read books (finished our LeapFrog pledges for the day)! And enjoyed our new favorite snacks!

And then the girls playing with the LeapFrog Tag and Christopher busy with colored pencils and a pad of paper:)

BTW... colored pencils are the best to take with you. Crayons smell weird... ehehe... markers mark... colored pencils plus an eraser are the way to go!! (not sure how many times I've been caught by a doctor or nurse trying to get marker marks off their tables with a wipe)

Finally the doctor came in VERY apologetic!! I've never had to wait that long so I knew something fishy was up. I guess they had a mix-up to where we were waiting... finally the kids running to and from the bathroom in their undies caught someone's attention!

Christopher did soo well!! He was soo quiet and obedient during the exam... WOW!!I was soo proud of him! After it was over he jumped down and started throwing his clothes on. He was trying to show the doctor that he could dress himself and he DID in a matter of seconds as he chattered:)

Little Lydi-bug didn't fare so well. She fussy and cried the whole time. I held her more most of the exam, just to get it done! Anna took the pic... I wish it wasn't soo blurry. Do you see that sad, sad face:( Not a happy camper!

Daddy missed an interesting trip:) But I really was pleased with the trip. And no shots which made everything a whole lot easier!!

We met our friends for a fun lunch and playtime at Chick-Fil-A!! And then I "dragged" the kids around town scooping up some OK deals.

They were only OK because triples at harris Teeter starts tonight at midnight and runs until Tuesday!! So I'm hoping to get a chance or two to visit HT again with my coupons in hand:) And the savings will be 1/3 more!!

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Drea said...

hehehehe lydias face!

that tag is one great invention isnt it...