Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Sentences - Old

We are reading through a Bible Story book each afternoon as the kids lay down for their naps. I would love for the kids to see God's love and provisions for people throughout history while they are young!So this week we were reading through the story of Abraham sending his servant to find Issac a wife.

I asked Anna was she thought if Mommy and Daddy choose a husband for her.

She responded confidently like it was already settles, "When I get older I am going to marry my Grandaddy." [ohhh.. how sweet!]

"Grandaddy?" I respond.

"Yep," she said back,"... except that he is old. Maybe I should marry Christopher. Except he doesn't like to dance."

Christopher then pipes up,"Yes I do..." [he jumps out of the bed and we havea break dance performance].

Nothing like interacting with the story....LOL

Anna is convinced that her birthday is in a couple of days, not months it really is:) So we've been having a LOT of conversations about birthdays:)

"MOmmy, how old are you?" Anna asks. "29" I answer.


"yep" I respond back.

Anna thinks and then replies, "Oh, that is old! The next number you are going to be is 30!"

LOL... nothing like your daughter telling you that you're old!


grandaddy said...

If Anna thinks 29 is old what would she think about being 66. She can't even count that high. But I'm pleased that she wants to marry grandaddy.

Anonymous said...

LOL, what would be her answer when she knows that I am one year older than her Mommy and got my first white hair?