Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Homeschooling Encouragements & Curriculum

I've read two or three great homeschooling posts this week:)

The first is call Marvelous Mondays... two experienced homeschooling mom & grandmom give their experience and opinion about cirrculum and textbooks in a certain subject of their choosing. This week it was MATH and I really gleaned a lot from them:)

Anna will be officially starting "school" next fall and I feel like I need to start figuring out the resources we will be using!! PHEW.... there is just SOOOO much out there!!! And after our terrible experience with 100 Easy Lessons... I really want something that gives them a SOLID foundation, teaches them "why" and something that fits their personality:) LOL... it's a wish list...i know!!

The second encouragement called Peace and Growth in Kindergarten! I really like Rebecca's balance of scholastic endeavors with a foundation in leading our little ones to God's truth for them. It's a great resource for the beginning steps of homeschooling:) I loved the reminder of the importance of giving our young children a solid foundation in faith and a undertanding of godly character!!

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