Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What a Day!!

Well we started our day little more tired from all of our adventures yesterday!! BTW...check out Andrea's website and Flicker account:) But this morning I tried to get some housework done. And then we went off to the park and grocery shopping before we had some company for dinner.
The day was busy...but very "do-able" until the kids cried and fussied throughout the meal. But we made it :)

A Couple Funny Stories to share:
Everlasting Friendship:
We've shown a video of Anna reciting John 3:16....but she's still getting stuck on the last phrase saying "everlasting friendship" instead of "life". We couldn't figure out why she would say "friendship"??? Anyway, on the way home from lunch on Sunday we turned on their DVD...and on one of the previews we hear the famous phrase "everlasting friendship" describing the movie The Fox and the Hound 2.
WOW!! Can you believe just a little phrase on some DVD preview could be sooo ingrained into a child's head??? It's funny that we actually found out why she was getting mixed up. But it's REAL warning that YOUR kids are taking in EVERYTHING and that they can quickly COPY IT!! I'm even more convinced that I need to better guard what the kids are watching and taking in.
Teaching Pre-Reading
This morning Anna and I were able to complete one more "lesson" from her reading book. She did pretty well and was really excited when she saw the letters starting to come together to make words. I still wonder if she is ready...she loves learning and is very, very capable to do the work....but sometimes doesn't want to do the work :) ahhh, just a good thing we started early, maybe we'll have it done before kindergarden or 1st grade.
So the funny part was coming home from the grocery store I listened in to the conversation in the back seat.
Anna: Christopher, can you say "ahhh"?
Christopher: ahhh
Anna: OK, now say it fast. (Christopher answers.) Good boy! That is the "A" sound.
Christopher: A
Anna: No, we are learning sounds. Say "ahh". (Christopher answers.)
Anna: OK, now let's work on a new letter.
So even though I feel bad that I don't work as much with Christopher as I think I did with Anna, he's still getting it. It's just from his sister!!!!
Not Paying Attention
I was reading a new favorite library book to Christopher and Anna. Christopher was at my feet playing around some. I figured he wasn't really listening but maybe he was picking up a couple of words. Anyway, I like to stop sentences early and let Anna (and sometimes Christopher) fill-in the last few words. So while reading I stopped a few times and down by my feet I would hear the sentence being finished:) Yep, he was paying attention!!!

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