Saturday, March 8, 2008

She learned how to do "cheese"!!!

I was snapping some pictures of the kids around the table this evening as the sun was setting outside and we were without power...not sure why we were without power but just as we were deciding what to do for dinner, it came back on.... so I jumped into the kichen to fix something. We actually ate some yummy chicken kabobs, cooked right on the George Foreman!!!

Ok, I'm WAY ahead of myself...... we were all sitting around the kitchen table and I decided to try to take pictures. It was Lydia's turn and she gave me the biggest, "cheesiest" smile a kid could come up with..... Isn't she the cutest camera ham??

I just can't get over her chubby little cheeks!!

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Stacey said...

Thanks for the tips on my blog! I have done the vicks on the feet thing before, but I recently found out that camphor is really bad for babies. It can damage some internal organs I believe (don't quote me on this!). So, we don't do that anymore. Too bad, cause it worked really well.

I've tried the baby vicks, and it doesn't really do anything, although it smells nice!

I'm feeling slightly better this evening, and I'm going to bed now, at 9:30. Good night!