Friday, March 21, 2008

Other Microwave Treasures

Yes, today another child was hiding items in the microwave!!! Can you tell whose shoes they are???

Yes, can you imagine Daddy trying to get out the door quick? I bet after these last few days, he'll be looking in the microwave.... FIRST!!!

BTW....Daddy is starting to feel better....thank goodness!!! Anyway, after eating only Raisin Bran and a piece of Banana bread for TWO days, when the kids went to bed this evening, Daddy asked if we had any hotdogs leftover from dinner last night! It's a good sign that Daddy is feeling better!!!

I really have to thank Grandma. She forgot her camera during her last visit and decided she wanted us to hold it for her until we got together these last few shots and video have been from her camera is on the blink, the lense is stuck out!!! So if mine is unfixable....does anyone have any suggestions for a novice who enjoys taking tons of pictures???


Drea said...

Glad brians feeling better. I'll know not to use your microwave :-)

Erica said...

there is a microwave for your kids!