Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Visit with Uncle Scott and Miss Beatrice

The kids have been excited for days now that their Uncle Scott and Miss Beatrice were coming to see them!! So last night we went into the city to have dinner with them at a Mexican restaurant and they spent the night at our house!!!

We got home from dinner at 9pm, but the kids were sooo excited to have Uncle Scott and Miss Beatrice to play with... so we let them!!! It was a good opportunity for us to finish tidying up and getting beds ready:) We had tons of squeals, laughter and running around!!!

Daddy woke up this morning and fixed everyone a big 'ole breakfast....I know he was hoping Mommy would help but I got stuck in bed with a sleeping baby and she was sleeping on my LEGS. I did eventually sneak out but we were constantly checking on her. Anyway, Daddy did a GREAT job with breakfast!!!!

Anna just wanted to tell Uncle Scott that she likes Miss Beatrice. And she was very glad they could come to stay with us for the night!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, Christopher and Lydia!
We were very happy to see you this week. We can't wait to see you again! We miss you already!!

Uncle Scott and Miss Beatriz