Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anna and I - New Babywears!!!

Well I have had a Playtex Snuggly since Anna was born....really only used it with Anna a few times because she was a constant spitter (milk allergy). But with each baby we seem to get more and more use out of our Snuggly.

Then I met Andrea and she is converting me into wearing all sort of "cloth contraptions".... he hehee. Actually they seem to be MUCH easier to use and care for. More fashionable (sorry all the Snugglies I've seen are black or gray and very strappy). And Andrea has been able to make some herself as well.

This morning she got Anna and I "model" some Sling Wraps that had been sent to her to have showcased. I was a little worried that Anna won't try it on but after some talking into she did it and loved it. Lydia likes being held, so she likes the wraps because it makes her feel held and close. (In the pictures she looks sad... it's exhaustion she's sleeping in late and not getting her morning nap on days we go out in the morning...sorry baby!)

Here's a link to Andrea's post about our morning modeling. Andrea put more pictures on her Flicker account here. To get to our pictures you have to scroll down some :) Thanks ANDREA!!

Anna wore the sling some more after her nap this afternoon... of course they are not good quality but they show you how hooked on babywearing this child is :)

Computer time with Baby in sling!

Eating dinner with Baby in sling! And notice that she's enjoying the camera attention:)


Drea said...

That is so cute. If you dont want to buy that for Anna I will :-) and it can just be an Early birthday gift!
Cause she looks so cute with it and im sure she'd get lots of use from it and then Lydia can play with it eventually as well. 15 bucks is a good price for a ring sling I think. most kid slings cost that.

the ring sling i let you borrow is my fav. great sling!! if you wash it wash it in cool/warm water and hang dry. :-)
I normally put a sock over the rings to avoid a lot of NOISE or damage to the washer while washing.

You'll have to try a mei tai next ;-)

Drea said...

thats where my slings from.