Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pieces of our day :)

Our morning started off so much easier than usual. I'm always trying to find the "right time" to sit the kids down for a Bible story/quick lesson, memory verse work and a little tiny bit of "school". I read on another blog about the mom of many young children having her Bible time at the breakfast table..... ingenious ..... they have to eat breakfast sometime, and I'm usually the one preparing it and watching them:) And I don't have to take them away from playing with their toys or from a show they are watching.

And since I was pretty quick with the story and verse this morning they transitioned into writing and identifying letters pretty easily. Here's a photo of Lydia "working on her writing skills"!!

Then we went out to enjoy the pretty day!! So as I was doing some gardening in the front, my little man decided to pick one of the flowers that I was soo excited about in the back. Brian actually caught him in action and so he brought the culprit and the evidence to me. Christopher held out the flower and recited the line Brian had told him to say on the way, "I love you!" And then he started playing and dropped the pretty flower on the ground. Only to later return with Anna and stomp it into the cement :) Why do I garden, again??? Ohh, when it's done there are beautiful flowers, a clean looking house (at least on the outside) and being outside!!

Christopher is going to get a MUCH needed haircut tonight.... so that will be very an adventure for us!!!

We also have our Grammie coming to see us tomorrow..... we're all very excited to see her. We haven't seen her since the beginning of January so she'll see Lydia running around everywhere for the first time!!! It's going to be beautiful again tomorrow an Anna had informed me that Grammie loves the BIG park and popsicles... he hehee... sounds like Anna is already planning our day with Grammie!!! (Hope she comes rested.)

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