Thursday, March 20, 2008

Momma Detective

I was bathing Christopher and Lydia last night after our trip to Grammies and the zoo.... for some reason the bath really was therapeutic...their grumpy (and tired) attitudes changed and we had a pretty calm dinner. I know bathing before dinner is a little strange...but they needed baths and Christopher needed a diaper change, so it was good timing this time.

WOW...I've digressed!! So I was washing Christopher's little toes and noticed that on his heels he had all sorts of blisters......hmmm??? And then I remembered that on Friday he had had a high fever during the afternoon and into the evening. Anyway, I did a quick check of the symptoms and details of Hand, foot, mouth Disease. And sure enough, I bet that is what we have going around in our house. A funny think is that when I asked him what hurt he had told me his "toes" and then later he told me his "mouth". Well with Hand, foot, mouth Disease those are the places that blisters appear.

Where in the world would we have picked up this? H ahahaa... really it just seems like we keep picking stuff up. Of course the kids are at the stage where everything is in their mouths. Anyway, he was sick on Friday and the disease can take 3 to 10 days after being around an infected this is my Momma Detective Theory.... Andrea and I took our kids to a new and smaller park last week. While we were there a group of "preschoolers" from a daycare came (at least 10 or so). The park didn't have a whole lot of different activities so the kids all played on a very tall slide. You know the ones where you HAVE to hold on to the sides while you climb so you don't fall. It was a little chilly and so I know I remember seeing runny noses :) The other theory is Daddy....he had a sore throat all week last week and that is another symptom....maybe it was just a coincidience. And with a 3 to 10 day incubation period we could have been exposed the week before that!!

Honestly, I'm just thankful it's not the flu or anything else rough. But Lydia is still a little fussy, if she doesn't get back to normal I might have her ears checked for an ear infection....maybe her last one didn't clear up completely.

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Drea said...

ow no..
heres praying they get over it fast. i hear thats rough.
caleb and taite seem fine so far.
they must of avoided the sick one at that park. but watch we will get slammed this weekend im sure!