Friday, March 7, 2008

Raising Bookworms

We were able to get to the park yesterday (thank goodness b/c today is messy and wet). The kite flying attempts were fun, Daddy did a LOT of running to get the kite up....but it's wouldn't stay!! So I guess that is just another excuse to go to the park with the kites and Daddy :) We were able to meet up with a couple of other families. Two families which I hadn't met before. It is always encouraging to meet new moms, especially when they are soo sweet :) I didn't take any pictures there because two of the mothers had cameras and know a whole lot more about photography than I do :)

After kite flying, swinging, climbing, picnicing and Momma chatting at the park, we decided to drop by the library. I actually had some books due today so I needed to at least drop some off. But to our surprise our library was OPEN!! So headed on in...... yes, all five of us :)

We're a pretty loud bunch at the library.....but we didn't drive off too many people. I actually think my kids have gotten A LOT better at the library since they've gotten a little older :) I've been pretty cautious about when I take them and up until a month or so ago, I kept Christopher in the stroller at the library. One of the first visits when I allowed Christopher to walk, when we walked in he looked around and excitedly said loudly , "BIBLES!!!!" He was just amazed at how many books were around him :)

Here are the kids "resting" after finding all the books they wanted to bring home. They will sit at the table for a little while and flip through their books. When Daddy is with us, this "resting" gives Mommy some time to hunt for her own books!!! They just LOVE looking at books!

I'm not sure if LOVING books is genetic.... it seems like from birth our kids have loved to sit in our laps and read books. Christopher and Lydia are more wiggly and sit for smaller amounts of time when we read to them. But there have been times when I have found each of them sitting quietly in a room flipping through a book. They see Brian and I reading (whenever we get a free moment), we read to them and of course we have books everywhere for them to flip through!!

I've just been challenged in the last few months to take them to the library more constently. A couple of the resons being that younger children learn more words when exposed to more new words (reading new books), the example of reading, the excitement over new books and the new ideas/ thing to learn from new books. I was also challenged to read them some chapter books meant for older children so last month we started Stuart Little by EB was a little too much for them. So I'll have to start with some different children's classics!!

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