Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm BACK!!!!


The most AMAZING thing happened last night (well in my little world)!! After weeks of messing with my computer, pricing computers online, Brian deleting all sorts of files in DOS and Safe Modes and attempting to connect to the Internet..... my computer gave in. I think when we were fixing Windows, Brian downloaded a new version of Internet Explorer that wasn't connecting to the Internet and this version was just NOT finding the Internet connection.

Anyway, we're using a different browser that was already installed in the computer!! And it downloads soo much faster than it used to!!!! We've learned a TON about the computer and we're soo thankful we can hold out on investing in a new computer.

So I won't have to share with Brian (as much). But I will be sharing with Anna again who has been dying to get back on PBSkids :) And I am thankful for the period of "rest" I might not have known the difference but my time online had been really cut. It's one of those things that you don't appreciate until it's gone!!

We're having a quiet morning and early afternoon, in the hopes of flying our new kites at the park this evening!!! Maybe we'll actually get them in the air and have some pictures.

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