Saturday, March 22, 2008

Resurrection Story

Last year I'm not sure how much I shared of the Resurrection Story - the REAL Easter celebration with Anna. But this year I decided to just go ahead and share it all. I'm not sure what she really understands about death..... except that it happens and that people we know and bugs we've seen have died. Part of their even basic concepts of dying that they know right now has to be from the fact that Brian is a pastor and has been with families during the deaths of loved ones and has done funerals. We've even taken them to the funeral home for visitation on occasion (especially when the families are close friends to us and the church).

So around the breakfast table this week I've been sharing from their kiddie Bibles the Easter Story. I haven't really liked how the kiddie Bibles kind of skip over the fact that Jesus really, truely DIED, but I could tell the kids had questions with just using the term "was crucified" or "put on a cross". And try to explain why they put Him in a tomb if he hadn't died???

As I continued with the story the kids and I were kind of sad that the disciples and the women missed Jesus and were so sad that He wasn't with them (becasue He had died). It was soo sweet to tell them the GREAT NEWS that when the women were at the tomb the angel told them that Jesus had RISEN!! Then I had to explain that Jesus was alive again after He had died.....I almost lost them there :) But when we got to the fact that Jesus saw the women and His disciples again, the kids showed that they at least understood that Jesus was ALIVE and that the disciples had their friend and teacher with them again (for a little while).

I know I recieved the greatest blessing from sharing the story that is soo foundational to our faith with the kids. My heart was so relieved and excited when I told them that the stone was rolled away on Resurrection Morning and the words of the angel, "He is not here, He has risen, like He told you He would do." I'm sure they've already forgotten some of the story.... but if they remember that God sent His Son Jesus, who died and rose again for them..... then I think they are blessed indeed!!!

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