Monday, March 31, 2008


I'm not sure if a lot of families go through Blah...Mondays!! But we DO!! It was wet and cooler outside and so we had an inside day. Today our inside day became Mommy working on some weeding out of outgrown clothes and the kids entertaining themselves for a little while.....AKA destroying the house by dragging out all the million-piece toys and distributing them all over the house :) So after I had done all the "un-noticed" cleaning and sorting, I looked around the house and it was say the least!! But the good thing was that they were playing pretty nicely with each other today which allowed me to get some work done :)

Tuesday's weather looks a little nicer...maybe we can get out a little more and run off some of the energy:) Especially since we've already tidied the house again :) And since I got my projects done I'll be able to play I want to do:)

One fun thing was that I was able to start another book with Anna. She's loved the new Charlotte's Web movie, so I thought we'd try to get through the Charlotte's Web novel by EB White...the original Charlotte's Web!! Amazing enough she did ok while we read it tonight, even though she would have rather read Curious George or a Clifford book (they don't offer new vocabulary for her little sponge mind). She lasted through almost 4 chapters on our first reading!!!! BTW...there are tons of FREE lesson plans and activities to do with Charlotte's Web online on homeschooling websites....I've thought about looking through some to see if we're at the stage to enjoy one of these activities :)

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