Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Did anyone see this???

WOW!! And the parents seem so level-headed:) I wonder with TIME, parents' knowledge about learning and starting at a stage where she was interested they taught her to read;) This will be an interesting little girl to follow and see what she is doing in a couple of years:)


Drea said...

wow! but see the key is they didnt teach her this ;-) she wants to learn. thats the key i think. caleb doesnt want to learn LOL kidding. he does just not about letters ;-) hes much more interested in stories and such. ask him about Goliath some time. he knows that story backwards and forward.

Nicole Wilson said...

wow is right. something to think about. i think research already shows that children her age normally understand and process things before they are able to express them in return - i think that's why they call those years the "terrible twos."
a big thing to watch for is how she might grow in social settings, understanding disciplines, etc... very interesting!

Jaime said...

WOW...this is amazing. You are right Drea. This is something she wants to learn. I think it's great. It isn't easy to teach child is hard for them to concentrate this young on learning it. But her...she is al for it. Very cool.

Erica said...

I did see that little girl, and it was pretty amazing. BUT, I always have in my mind something I read on the Raising Godly Tomatoes Site. I was reading about pride in children, and she wrote this:

"I recall, about 24 years ago, proudly showing my father how my first born son, then only two years old, could read. Instead of giving him (and me) a pat on the head and a “job well done”, my dad soberly advised, “Just don’t let him think he’s too smart.” Humph. I was taken aback and admittedly even a bit miffed by this. But upon reflection, I recognized the wisdom in what my father had offered, and to this day I am very glad that I took it to heart. Do not let your children think they are too smart. "

...we know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge makes arrogant...If anyone supposes that he knows anything, he has not yet known as he ought to know.
- II Corinthians 8:1