Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday Night "Trick"

Being a pastor's family with three young children Wednesday nights are a rush, to say the least!! We're rushing through dinner preparations, rushing through dinner, running around the house getting little ones dressed. We've been saying for months we need to do something different. We've tried eating dinner earlier but we're still left with a pile of dishes or the kitchen not put back together.

We've got a good set-up with Brian working in the home office during the day! So today I had planned to fix a pretty normal dinner meal (but big for Wed. night). To ease the rush of the evening I decided to fix our main dinner for lunch....... we sat down and peacefully(as peaceful as a young family of five can) enjoyed our main meal!! And then for supper we ate more of our typical much meal, sandwiches, fruit, chips, and warmed over leftover veggies!! It worked!! Maybe this can become a regular switch for us!!

I wanted to share our recipe for lunch. It was soo very easy and one of our favorites before kids....and surprising to us the kids really liked it too!! YAY!!

Marinated Boneless Pork sirloin Chops
Marinated Boneless Pork sirloin Chops in Worcestershire sauce while I prepared the onions. Then I sauteed in the onions in soy sauce in a skillet. I took the onions out after a minute or two and then cooked the pork chops with soy sauce and a 1/4 cup of water (so they didn't dry out or get stuck to the pan) to 170 degrees (I love my meat thermometer). Then I threw the onion back in to make sure they were warmed. We like to eat ours with mashed potatos. The sirloin chops can be expensive, so you have to look for them on manger discounts or sales:) But they're tender and worth it!!

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