Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Warning

Well I try to keep my kiddies safe (when possible) and so I just wanted to pass this along to those other Mommas and grandparents.

We were traveling in the car yesterday to the park and the grocery store and I started hearing Anna screaming in the backseat. I called back to her and told to calm down and tell me what was going on (and whether I needed to pull over). Anyway she started tellin me that her lips were "burning" or hurting really bad. I looked back in the rearview mirror and her lips and bottom of her face were red and alittle swollen.

I started asking her what she had put on them or near her lips and she responded that she had been licking and putting the "Dora" marker on her lips and tongue. Why any child would lick a marker is beyond me...boredom???
So I told her to put the marker away and that I would check her when we got to the park (just a few minutes). But just 2 minutes later I heard Christopher screaming..... Do I even have to tell you why? Anyway, thinking that Anna put the marker away from Christopher I did all the questions again and found out that Christopher had decided to "taste" it as well. So I had Anna put the cap on and HOLD the marker until we got to the park.

She had received a magical Dora workbook with this special marker. It's one of those that only writes on the special paper. And I've noticed before that the marker has a very distinct smell almost like a medication or methol. But it was not a Crayola product which the kids are used to and have put in their mouths before (we've had no problems with Crayola causing red, swollen lips). I checked the booklet and there were not warnings or even age suggestions...of course I don't think they're expecting a child to use their marker as lip gloss!!!

About 10-15 minutes after they had the marker taken from them, their "rashes" disappeared. It really wasn't a rash though. Their skin was red and swollen!!! So needless to say the infamous marker is now being held away from little hands and mouths. It's crazy to think what might have been in the marker to be "special" and cause them to react in that way.

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