Friday, March 14, 2008

Fun day, but no good pics!!

Grammie came to visit!!! Everyone was excited :) The kids did really well even though it's been over 2 months that they had seen her, although it took Lydia a little longer to warm up. They played in the house during the morning hours to let the weather warm up some and to give Lydia a nap. Then we went to the park for lunch and were able to fly kites. Here's a really distant pic of Grammie with the kite in the air and the kids around her.

I had to snap this one. It's Grammie and Anna on the hunt for toilet paper at the park!! I got Grammie coming out of the MENS bathroom... he hehee :)

We really need to get some new pictures of the kids with Grammie. We'll be seeing her again some more before we let her go "home". This evening before Grammie's car had even left the driveway, Anna said, "I miss Grammie." And I said, "Anna, she hasn't even left the driveway..." "But I really miss her and I want her to come back!"

But the kids are blessed because before they went to bed they talked to Grandma!! How many kids are lucky enough to have one grammie visit and then talk to their grandma????

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