Saturday, March 22, 2008

Church Easter Egg "Party"

A couple of weeks ago, Addie called to see if we could join up forces to put an Easter egg hunt on for our children's classes at church. Since we are both from smaller churches in the same town we thought it would be fun to have to hunt with more kids than just our kids separately on Sunday morning....... so we planned our joint Easter Egg Hunt/Party!!!!

And what a blessing to plan and work to get something together and then have a crowd of people there to enjoy it!!! We had 19 kids, but 3 were under a year old (and two expecting mommies). And we had 18 adults!!! So that is 37 that's pretty good since we were originally expecting 20 but planning for 25 :)

So great idea and job, Addie!!! And thanks also to the ladies that jumped right in to help with laying out food and drinks.....and cleaning up!!! You all are such a sweet blessing to me!! And all the people who provided us food, drinks, eggs and candy!!!

We did try to take some pictures of our festivities......we had a craft, egg hunt, resurrection story with numbered eggs and a snack time!!! Anyway, while "hosting" a gathering and keeping up with our three little ones our pictures aren't the greatest....but we did get some!!

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