Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wednesday's trip to the Zoo

Well we had ONE more day to get to the zoo before our passes expired!! We're not going to renew them this year for a break, time to explore the rest of Grammie's town and give the zoo time to complete their construction !!! But it's been a very fun year.....I just found a whole family picture of us during our first visit and then the one we were able to get from Wednesday!!

It's been a fun year!!! We've seen Christopher learn sooo many animals' names. We've seen Anna recall animals, their names and our trips. Christopher asked this afternoon if we could go to the zoo!!! They just love it. And I loved that during this trip Lydia started to show a lot more interest in watching some ofthe animals!!!

And one of the best things about our zoo trips is that we've been able to meet up or take friends with us as well as visiting with our family in that area. We will miss our passes...but maybe next year :)

Here are some of our favorite pics from our trip on Wednesday with Grammie, Uncle Eric and Eric's friend Craig!!!!

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