Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Cheesy Grin is here to stay!!!

Well before I get to the fun stuff I'd better mention that our Daddy is sick now. He's got the 101.something fever that Christopher had last week and that the girls had a the beginning of the week. So let's hope he gets over "whatever it is that we have" soon!!!! Especially since this weekend is a little busier than normal.....yay for Easter!!

My little Lydia took her first minor scrapped up fall this afternoon out on our driveway (amazing enough b/c she is constantly wrestling with Anna and Christopher or getting pushed around by them). I'm not sure why she fell head first when walking, but she did and had she been able to avoid it she would have tried...I'm sure!! Anyway, she's a tough little cookie and stopped crying pretty quickly once we held her. Her little nose is scrapped up some and the middle of her top lip was swollen (but I think that has gone down now).

So this evening I wanted to display her battle wounds but I kept getting the Cheesy Grin. So I recorded how normal she looks and then how cheesy she can get!! She's a hoot!! Erica did a similiar "This is how hard we try to get a picture" video on her blog a couple of days this is our version :)

Just a side note..... last year our Easter pictures included Christopher's massive goose-egg bump inbetween the eyes. Man, it's still soo hard to look at..... I am still so amazed he didn't mess anything else up...maybe he'll have sinus trouble as an adult (I hope not...but I'll have a pic that might explain why).
And so this year we will have Lydia's wound to show off for any Easter pics:)


Erica said...

at least they didn't do theirs on purpose...we have pics of elliot from just after we moved here. he loved the plush carpet so much (after our durable seminary carpet) that he decided to rub his face all over it and voila--carpet burns all over his face!!!

so sorry you all are sick. i think we are starting again too--orli has another fever. this year has been awful in the sick department. i think i'm going crazy...

3 for Me!! said...