Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where Night-nights hide

My Little Man is VERY attached to his blanket. He is my little Linus.... he really would carry his blanket everywhere, if I let him!! On mornings that I've HAD to wash the blanket he will breakdown in tears.....I mean distraught over the fact that he will be separated from his blanket. Unless he is exhausted, he MUST have his passed-down worn out receiving blanket known as Night-night.

This evening as we were laying him in bed, he asked us for his Night-night! So we started looking for the blanket all around the house. I made at least TWO journeys around our home wondering HOW I could not find this blanket....our house is not that big or messy:) After at least 20 minutes(maybe more) of really searching (closets, dressers,etc) Brian found the beloved Night-night......in the microwave!!!! Of course it's where ALL Night-nights hide!

Ohh, when we ask Anna what she's going to be when she grows up she now responds, "Doctor." I guess we have to start saving now for all that school!!!! Anyway, here she is checking out Christopher because she thought he looked sick. When she asked him what hurt, he said "my nose." What a hoot!!!

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Erica said...

you know we have little linus's in our house too!! and we know the blanke search so very well -- once we lost orli's for two days! never checked the microwave, though.