Friday, March 7, 2008

Dairy, here I come:)

I have been a little delayed in sharing this milestone b/c I wanted to make sure Lydia was done. But Lydia has officially stopped nursing. The last month or so she'd only been nursing at night, but lately she's only wants her ice water cup :) Ohh, I've been replaced :(

Sure I've got some mixed emotions....DAIRY and peanuts!!!!, fewer moments of snuggling before bedtime, FREEDOM, loosing some sense of caring for my little baby, DATES with Brian that can go past bedtime, she's not so little anymore!!! H aha ha....

She's still not so excited about soymilk. She'll take one swallow and then literally throw the sippy cup onto the floor!! I have been sneaking soymilk into her oatmeal and she been loving the Oh,Soy yogurt made by Stoneybrook Farms and sold at WallyWorld! Anna really had a hard time adjusting to soymilk but will now drink cups and cups a day!! So there is hope for little Lydia.

This ends a pretty long stage of pregnancy and nursing for me.....up until last week when Lydia stopped nursing I had been either/or/and nursing or pregnant since September 2003!! Let's see that is 54 MONTHS!!!!! And that is breaks...ha haha I was just thinking that the breaks I had were was when I was very pregnant and the older baby stopped nursing (first Anna and then Christopher)!!!


Drea said...

you're going to miss it :-) right? maybe? haha. You'll get pregnant by Christmas.

Stacey said...

WOW!! Sounds like you've been a busy Mommy. Congrats on being done with nursing! I'm looking forward to that too, although that's still months away for me!

I've been enjoying your blog, by the way. Can't wait to see what you'll be reviewing over at Simple.