Tuesday, April 1, 2008

From the Mouths of Babes

Last night I took the kids grocery shopping. On the way there they started asking me about some of the signs on the side of the road.....the most noticeable signs being STOP (we literally have ONE traffic light in our town). So we stop, Anna reads the letters and we decide that it was a stop sign. I describe how to look both ways and then I continue driving. Well we'd gotten a mile or two down the road and Christopher yells, " S-T-O-P!!!!" I call back to him , "Why?" He answers, "a stop sign". He must have seen one on the opposite side of the road when I made a right turn :)

I've got to mention this...... as we were pulling into the grocery store parking lot. Anna tells me, " Mommy, I have to watch you drive the car. That way I can learn to drive when I am this many (holding up fingers)." I'm not sure how many fingers she was holding up b/c I was driving (making a turn at the time). But if I were to guess it was probably 5 fingers.... being 5-yrs old is the magical age for Anna right now, it's the same age of one her good friends, Rachel!!

This evening as I was carrying Anna to bed, she totally wrapped her little body around my upper body. I mean her little legs were completely around my waist. She looked into my eyes and said, "You know Mom, you're kind of small." I'm guessing this WON'T be the last time I'll be hearing this line :)


grammie said...

You might be small but STRONG!!! You were carrying her and she is getting so big. Boy they grow up fast!
Its good she is at least paying attention to your driving and Christopher too. They'll be GREAT drivers by the time they're 16. Or is it "14" in your town? Oh maybe thats just for tractors.

Erica said...

At least your kids call you small, which isn't a bad thing! The other day, Isaac said to me, "Mommy, your belly isn't very small yet!" Thanks, Isaac. I just had twins honey. What a confidence booster!